The Orzo Platform

Right now, it's easier for your employees to find an external job than an internal one.  Using AI and machine learning, Orzo empowers your employees to find their next role at your company.  The result is improved employee engagement and retention over a conventional internal job board.


Internal Mobility


Surpass your engagement, retention, and internal fill targets with easy-to-use tools that help your employees find the perfect next role at your company.

Intelligent People Search

blue search.png

Your employees can use Orzo to find and connect with teams they want to work with.  Your hiring managers and recruiters can use it to identify and reach out to rock star internal candidates for their openings.

People Analytics


Go beyond traditional org charts to see how your people map to the skills, teams, and projects that are specific to your company.

A modern platform for the modern workforce

We've applied machine learning and natural language processing to match the right employee to the right role, with a clean, enjoyable user interface.


Real Client Results

Within 6 months of launch, Orzo had the following impact:


reduction in annual regrettable turnover


in savings from increased retention


increase in internal fill rate

"We used Orzo's innovative technology to rebuild our internal mobility program.  The result: our employees felt empowered to develop their careers proactively and we found engagement increased globally because of the Orzo platform."
Erin Wilson
Former People Tech Innovation Lead, Yahoo!




Companies work very hard to attract the best and brightest, only to find them looking to leave after a couple of years. With Orzo, they're able to help their employees develop new career paths internally, thereby retaining their talent and saving millions of dollars every year.

We all get to the point where we ask "What's next?" When employees use Orzo, they're able to find the right roles, connect with the right colleagues, and explore new possibilities in their own company. This allows them to stay engaged with the company and continue to build their career in new and interesting ways.