Predicting the future

Scifi tv and books have you believe that one day we’ll have flying cars and sentient robots. Now, today there are companies like Airbus developing flying personal vehicles and AI continues to get more sophisticated everyday to the point that Elon Musk has stated his fear for killer robots.


Now as the rest of industry is pushing forward, why shouldn’t HR? I came across this great article highlighting 3 Technology Trends in HR (

1.     Adoption of cloud computing – Workday probably comes to mind for most here but many companies still operate with their legacy on premises systems. Online platforms have become the standard everywhere else in our daily lives; why shouldn’t that be the case for HR? In fact, if you’re already using other cloud-based systems, you should ideally be able to connect all of them together for enhanced insights and productivity.

2.     Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning – There’s a great deal of buzz around these words nowadays but that’s also because the potential of it is so great. Isn’t it both magical and terrifying how Google knows what you’re searching for before you finish typing or how Netflix gets so good at recommending different movies for you?

The article talks about how the US Army is using a recruiting chatbot complete with avatar. Much of the machine learning technology happens under the hood so it’s hard for anyone to see it actually in action. Yet, if companies truly understood their employees, they should be able to recommend or surface different opportunities to help them develop their career and stay engaged.

Startup mentality – The article talks mostly about staying agile and the “consumer-ification of the entire employee experience.” As someone that has worked in big companies in the past and now at a startup, I can understand why big companies want to embrace a startup mentality and why others can’t afford to.

For those that make that decision though, they recognize the fact that they now live in a world where a computer sits in your pocket all day and strangers pick you up in their Uber cars. The fact is the world is rapidly changing and it is important to at a minimum, stay abreast of the trends. Otherwise, you potentially become that old antiquated company that people’s parents work for, but no one else wants to join.